Collection of Irish Literature, History, Genealogy and Religion

Map of Ireland Edward F. Carry BookplateThe Edward F. Carry collection consists of 2,000 volumes of Irish printed materials spanning Irish literature, history, and religion. The materials encompass monographs and ephemera from the 16th and 17th century up to the 20th century.

The literature collection includes many titles of the Irish Literary Revival period, contemporary travel literature with engravings, and plays and theatre programs from the Irish Literary Theatre which became the Abbey Theatre. History and politics are represented in many 16th and 17th century pamphlets, diaries, correspondences, and monographs. The Irish Rebellion of 1798 is an area of focus.

Gaelic Bibles, a 16th century New Testament Bible, and other theological materials are also part of the collection. Genealogical volumes consist of the pedigree works of John O’Hart and recorded information found in the Dublin Parish Registers.