Success Stories

Stories in the Classroom:

Direct links to stories on YouTube:
"How to Make a Ball Roll"
"School Train"

Integrating Digital Stories in Your Classroom - Resources:
The "Student Movies" section of this page provides links to five different digital stories created by students (all ages are represented). (

Top rated digital stories through the Apple Learning Interchange  (

The Clerc Center at Gallaudet University:
The Clerc Center has some great video projects including some digital stories in their "news group" section.  These stories are all performed by deaf children. While most are captioned, those that are not require the understanding of American Sign Language. ( For more great digital projects, click on "home" and view all of the digital story types. These particular news stories fit the "digital storytelling" mold.


Other Examples of Digital Stories:

From YouTube:
"a Good Dad"

Silence Speaks:
This site is for abuse survivors to tell their stories ( You may have to click on (http:/ and then click on "stories".

Tech Head Stories:
A website dedicated to all forms and aspects of storytelling. ( Click on "Digital storytelling."

Artist Brent Wood presents an online narrative that is like an animated, interactive comic strip. (Requires Flash plug-in.)

Katherine Drexel:
An Extraodinary Life. Excellent example of multimedia storytelling on the web from the Philadelphia Inquirer. (

Forests, Fields, and the Falls:
Connecting Minnesota. Beautifully presented historical stories from the Minnesota State Hisotrical Society. (

Broken Sky:
An environmental story about Buffalo, Wyoming. (

Rumpets for Reindeer:
"An animated, magical tale of how Santa's reindeer fly." ( A print version is available with four different Santa choices)

15 Reasons:

Two Days in Paris by Craig Marion. (some of the links don't work but it's a neat example of "low tech" storytelling.

Instrument of War: The True Story of the Yuba City Draft Board Members by Stephen Mamber:

The Fray:
An online collection of digital stories created by a variety of people. The site is currently not accepting new stories, but the archives remain available. (


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