Study: Facets on the web

This is the project homepage for my thesis:
The Use of Faceted Analytico-Synthetic Theory as Revealed in the Practice of Website Construction and Design

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Related work:

Everyday Classification: Website taxonomy A panel presentation at ASIST AM 2006, Austin TX November 3-8, 2006 [ppt]

A multi-faceted view: Use of facet analysis in the practice of website organization and access. Presented at the 9th International ISKO Conference, in Vienna Austria July 4th -7th, 2006 [abstract] [ppt]

(1) Presentation: Facets, facet analysis and faceted search Taxonomy Community of Practice conference call: April 27th, 2005 Taxonomies and Search . Hosted by Earley and Associates. [Presentation] .

(2) Adventures in faceted classification: A brave new world or a world of confusion? Presented July, 2004 in London at the ISKO conference. Paper [rtf] Presentation [.pdf] This paper revisits 75 e-commerce websites, first selected and examined by Adkisson's study, Use of Faceted Classification. (table of comparative results)

(3) Faceted Maps of Knowledge and Domains: "Peeling the onion of an idea,"[*] an examination of the use of Facet Analysis in website design. Paper [.doc] Presentation [.pdf]

[*] In Calvin Mooers' words, "Facet provides an analytical tool; that is, the idea of facet allows you to peel the onion of an idea" [Vickery, B. (1966). Faceted classification schemes. In S. Artandi (Ed.). Rutgers Series on Systems for the Intellectual Organization of Information. v. 5. (pp. 13-14). New Brunswick, NJ: Graduate School of Library Science at Rutgers University.]

Please do not hesitate to contact Kathryn La Barre with any questions or comments.
Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois. [10 January, 2006]

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