This website has the worksheets to introduce the lesson. It also has a checklist for the students to use in their groups. There is also a Dewey Decimal System word search (just in case you need a filler =)

For the teachers it has a rubric to grade the assignment (based on the introduction and checklist that the students are given).

Just remember to take off my school's name (Perez) from the header (you could add your school, or just get rid it of altogether =) At our school we have a header for ALL students, with their names, date, room number, school, and subject, I also add table number, just to make it easier to pass out things.

Introduction Worksheet for students

Checklist for students

Dewey Decimal System Word Search (and solution)

For grading:
Rubric for teacher

And also - another filler - a follow up worksheet, to see if the kids have made the connection of the number to the category, and to find some books on the shelf. All the kids need to do is pick one book from each class and match the numbers to the categories and write down the title and author.

Some examples:
100 Philosophy and Psychology  300s Social Sciences    500s Pure Sciences